Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Endangered Kirtland's Warbler confirmed breeding in Wisconsin for first time

Wisconsin’s first confirmed nesting of the Federally Endangered Kirtland’s Warbler has taken place this year. Singing males have previously been observed in appropriate Jack Pine habitat in the state, but this is the first confirmation of nesting away from the species’ only known breeding areas in neighbouring Michigan.

Due to the sensitive nature of the discovery, on private land, the exact site has not been disclosed. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has been working with the landowner, the Plum Creek Timber Company, about management and monitoring of the warblers in central Wisconsin.

Click here for more on Kirtland's Warbler on the State of Michigan web page, and see this USFWS press release on the Wisconsin nesting record.

Source: Birding Community E-bulletin, July 2007