Saturday, 9 June 2007

Create habitat for birds with a free oak tree

Oak trees are said to support more insect species and caterpillars than any other European tree, and consequently host a wide diversity of bird species. From nesting sites for Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers to acorns in autumn for Jays, they are in many respects the perfect tree species for birds.

However, according to the British Trust for Ornithology, deterioration in the crown density of oak - a favourite feeding area for species like Great and Blue Tits - has been apparent since the early 1990s. Furthermore, the amount of oak planting has halved since 1960, making remaining oak woodland habitat all the more important.

If you are able to plant an oak tree in a suitable location, it's worth checking the Daily Telegraph this morning (Sat 9th June) - the newspaper is running a promotion to give away a free oak sapling to every UK-based reader who applies by 9 July. The only cost is for postage and packing (£3.29), and the paper says it will provide a sapling of 60-90 cm in height, fitted with a tree guard tube for protection in the early stages of growth. The offer does not seem to be on available online at, so it means buying today's edition.

Birdwatch has no connection to the newspaper or the promotion - please refer to the Daily Telegraph for full details and the terms and conditions of the offer.